TruDiet Is A Relation Between Food,
Health And Life

Farm to Factory

As they arrive at TruDiet, our ranch goods are quality checked on colorful physical, chemical & rheological parameters. Once approved, the goods are fumigated for 7 days, also stored in covered storages.


To add further value to each TruDiet product, the goods are passed through a rigorous cleaning process. contaminations are separated grounded on viscosity, size & color using top of the line accoutrements similar as destoners, sifters and color species.

Crumbling and Winning

Once the grain is ready for milling, it is passed through a series of grinders and sifters to separate out the husk and germ from the endosperm. This is an important step as the husk and germ contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that need to be preserved.

The endosperm is then sent to the roller mills where it is ground into flour. The grinding of the endosperm is done in several stages, with each stage producing a different grade of flour. The finer the flour, the higher the grade. The milled flour is then collected and stored in silos or sacks before being shipped off to the bakery.

Throughout the entire process, quality assurance technicians are constantly monitoring and testing to ensure that the product meets all food safety regulations and that it meets the highest standards of quality.

Pack-In goodness

Our packaging is as organic as TruDiet. Vibrant colours and unique ultramodern design themes set us piecemeal. Automated form fill machines with tamper evidence seals secure virtuousness that lingers long after the quilting process. likewise, test slice and drop testing insure that your TruDiet product gets the stylish possible care till it reaches your home.

Take out Happiness

With love, care, and an redundant safety subcaste of bubble serape , we fulfill each order with alert and fidelity.
When each pack is opened for your use, be ready for a long walk in nostalgia.

Circle Tour De Plant

Come experience the whole grain magic for yourself at our factory in Center Noida Assotech Business Cresterra Upper Ground Floor, Tower-2 Plot No.22, Sector 135, Watch us churn thousands of products each day – all with ways our guests have come to love and trust since our humble morning! You can travel the shop, catch a bite at ’ The TruDiet ’ and carry home some lately mulled Atta or just- roasted Quinoa Chivda from ‘ The TruDiet Store ’. You might indeed catch Raghav cracking up with the master miller while doing an arbitrary quality check.